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"Taking voice lessons with Ellen was a fabulous experience. The  guidance, patience, and personalized approach was very easy to follow and also boosted my confidence. Each lesson had practical tips that made a noticeable difference. I highly recommend Ellen to anyone looking to enhance their vocal skills!" - Rob Quartly, 
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I am pleased to offer voice lessons online or in person (in the Montreal area) for every level of experience as well as beginner piano and guitar lessons. I prioritize personalized instruction tailored to each student's unique goals and needs. By keeping my studio small, I dedicate significant time and effort to create a customized learning experience for every student.

I hold degrees in music therapy and Renaissance and Baroque music. I also hold Royal Conservatory training in voice and piano and over a decade of performance experience as a singer-songwriter and classical soprano which brings a rich and diverse background to my teaching. My music therapy background shapes my approach, ensuring a safe and responsive learning environment where students can freely explore their voice or instrument.

I am committed to a decolonized approach to voice training. While Western music theory provides a foundation, I actively work to challenge and unlearn its inherent biases, especially regarding tone, timbre, diction, and repertoire.

Lessons are offered on a sliding scale of $50-80. Let's connect to discuss how I can support your musical journey!

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More testimonials

"I have been online taking lessons with Ellen for a few years and my experience has been so positive! Ellen's style is personalized, responsive and caring. Ellen has helped me grow as a singer through excellent instruction and encouragement. Thanks to Ellen's overall approach and strong teaching, I have started to share my singing with others at open mics and have become more connected to a singing community here in Vancouver." - Isabeau Iqbal
"In my fourth year of university my teacher connected me with Ellen to work on my Early music repertoire. Two years later I decided to reach out to Ellen again in preparation for my masters auditions. Both times they were so encouraging and willing to take me on. Not only did Ellen help build confidence in my understanding and technicality of the music, but they shared so much knowledge and advice on their own experiences studying music and encouraged me in my own path. So thankful that we were connected!" - Nadia Zbogar
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